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We are committed to reducing our environmental impact as much as possible.

Our mission at McBride Construction is to offset our carbon footprint inline with industry best practices whilst supporting the development of local community.  Our current solutions include but are not limited to:

  • Water-based paints (where possible)
  • Using Environmentally friendly products (where possible) 
  • Ensuring our team is aware of the necessary action to reduce any adverse impact from paint or applications of products throughout all aspects of our business
  • Controlling waste management, such as separating and recycling waste through Total Waste Solutions and EcoCentral 
  • Managing construction sites to work as efficiently as possible to improve the environment
  • Proactively conserving energy
  • Keeping things local. 71% of our suppliers and contractors are all local small to medium-sized business  
In addition, each repaired property is gifted with native tree to assist with offsetting our carbon footprint.

McBride Construction is also proud to be collaborating with UpstreamNZ and their mission of strengthening the wellbeing of local young people in NZ communities. We do so by giving a percentage of our labour costs to Good Causes which support children and young people in Aotearoa. Feel free to check out www.upstreamnz.co.nz to see how it works

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